Changelly PRO Fee Structure

Changelly PRO charges two types of fees: trading fees when you make trades and withdrawal fees when you want to take out your profits from an exchange. In addition to that, since we introduced the Margin Trading Service to amplify our traders' profits, we apply margin fees. At Changelly PRO we designed a fee structure that thrives to become the most competitive and transparent in the industry.

Trading fees

At Changelly PRO, the more you trade, the better fees you exploit. Trading fees are determined in BTC based on trading volume over a 30-day period. You can find the full trading fee schedule here, as well as your personal fee level. Note: the fee schedule is applied only to TRADER and PRO accounts. The fees for Starter accounts are fixed at 0.1% Maker Fee and 0.1% Taker Fee.

Withdrawal fees

At Changelly PRO, we offer a minimum withdrawal amount starting from 0 and one of the most competitive withdrawal fees in the industry. The fee we apply is flat as it is majorly influenced by the network fee, and it is charged per transaction and not per volume withdrawn. You can find the complete list of currencies and corresponding withdrawal fees here (to check a particular fee, press the "withdraw" button for a corresponding currency. The fee would be indicated right below the "amount" field).

Margin fees

Changelly PRO offers the Margin Trading Service, a powerful tool that helps traders diversify their portfolios and lock in higher revenues. Additional fees are applied when accessing the platform's resources, depending on various factors, as you may see here. To use the Margin Trading Service, we require traders to successfully pass the first level of KYC verification and set up 2FA authentication. These steps significantly contribute to the security of the trader's account. 


Enjoy trading!

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